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Autopol IV -T-Rudolph

Xi'an Day Natural Inc | Updated: May 23, 2016

Name: Automatic Polarimeter

Model: Germany(Rudolph)Autopol IV -T-Rudolp

Brief Introduction: The plane-polarized ligh would occur optical rotation when through liquid compounds including optical activity, rotate to the left or right. The Polarimeter could test the material rotation .Autopol IV is a Automatic Polarimeter with built-in microprocessor control, could test Optical rotation,  specific rotation and concentration.


1. Built-in microprocessor control, indeed Automatic Polarimeter,strong Software and hardware processing functions, could set more than 30 sample test programs, quickly and simple operation.

2. Large LCD screens, Temperature display and correction function.

3. Automatic selection of measuring wavelength, multi-wavelength selective,all     wavelength switching are automation, only through the button without contacting light and filters.

4. Unique characters:The intuitive color image expression of analysis results.


By measuring the optical rotation of the sample can be analyzed the concentration, content and purity of substances. Widely used in pharmaceutical, drug testing, sugar, food, spices, monosodium glutamate and chemical, oil and other industrial production, research and teaching departments for laboratory analysis or quality control.