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HP TLC Scanner

Xi'an Day Natural Inc | Updated: May 20, 2016

Name: HP TLC Scanner

Model: Germany(Desaga)CD60

Working Principle: The ingredients of sample would direct movement with the mobile phase, and reach the separation purpose with the stationary different of ingredients.


1. Wide spectral range detection(190-900)nm.

2. Quick scan speed, complete scan mode and high-resolution.

3. Simple operation, full automatic control and data processing, good reappearance of the test results. 

4. Unique characters:The intuitive color image expression of analysis results.


1. TLC identification of Natural products (the identification of ginseng raw materials, Radix Ophiopogonis and Radix Liriopes, Fructus Schisandrae and Kadsura longepedunculata)

2. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of raw material and extracts