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Infrared Spectrometer

Xi'an Day Natural Inc | Updated: May 27, 2016

Name: Infrared Spectrometer

Model: PerkinElmer Spectrum Two

Brief Introduction: Infrared spectrometer is use of physical absorption  of infrared radiation of different wavelengths, and analyze the chemical structure of a high purity single product to determine the functional groups of the sample in accordance with the infrared spectra, combination mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance to analysis qualitative samples. It also can test the inorganic compounds which are difficult to gasify.


1. Infrared absorption only has vibrational - rotational transitions, low energy.

2. Wide range of applications: In addition to single atoms and monocyte molecule, almost organic compounds are infrared absorption.

3. Rapid analysis, quantitative analysis can be carried out.

4. Solid, liquid and gaseous samples are available, less dosage, does not destroy the sample;

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