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Where to get Lutein?

Xi'an Day Natural Inc | Updated: Apr 18, 2016

Humans cannot synthesize Carotenoids in their bodies. Therefore, Lutein must be obtained through the diet. The hightest content can be found in the vegetables like kale,spinach,turnip greens and collards,Other greens are moderate Lutein provided which include mustard greens,green pears,summer squash,and broccoli.Surprisingly,the potentially best source of Lutein,and also the least recognized,is egg yolks.There are two reasons: (1) egg yolks have a high content of Lutein;(2) the composition of the lipid matrix of the yolk,the Lutein is extremely biovailable (Ribaya-Mercado 2004)


Of course, the easiest way to obtain Lutein should be through supplements. However, since the supplement researcher always inconsistent in their results, all major government bodies of health do not give advises concern the use of lutein supplement. Currently they do advocate its consumption through natural sources. Additionally, increasing research is suggesting that Lutein’s effects are muted without zeaxanthin, which few supplements contain.