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Phycocyanin isolated from Spirulina is a kind of dark blue powder,beautiful color.It is a protein,it is an excellent natural food coloring,but it is also a good health food. Phycocyanin pigment protein is one of the rare nature, not only bright colors,but in itself is a nutritious protein,amino...

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Phycocyanin isolated from Spirulina is a kind of dark blue powder,beautiful color.It is a protein,it is an excellent natural food coloring,but it is also a good health food. 


Phycocyanin pigment protein is one of the rare nature, not only bright colors,but in itself is a nutritious protein,amino acid composition range,high content of essential amino acids. 


Phycocyanin from family of light-harvesting pigment phycobiliproteins-protein complexes,as well as allophycocyanin.This is an auxiliary pigment chlorophyll.All phycobiliproteins are water soluble,they can be present in the film as carotenoids.Instead,Phycobiliprotein stick together to form a cluster called Phycobilisome film.A feature of phycocyanin is light bule,orange and red light absorption,especially in the past at 620nm(depending on type),and fluorescence emission at around 650nm(also depending on its types)

1,Name: Phycocyanin

2,Form:  Fine Powder

3,Active ingredients:  Phycocyanin (dark blue powder)

4,Specification: UV 25%,Color Value 16.8


In the current times where dissipated lifestyle and other counting factors such as dietary, physical, mental mismanagements, drug administration intoxicifications in the form of chemotherapies and chemical toxicities are adding up to the cumulative risk of cancer occurrence, consumption of Phycocyanin is essentially required. Phycocyanin helps fight and revive against cancer and address other similar conditions which may deteriorate the quality of health. It provides protection and vitality to the body by boosting the immune system. Due to its strong anti-oxidant properties it detoxifies and rejuvenates the over all health profile.


Phycocyanin is naturally designed to meet the unique needs of cancer prevention attributes and is being presented with the essential levels of purity and consistency. Zero toxicity and accomplished safety profiles of this wonder molecule, makes it a choice of health-concious individuals as well as cancer fighting subjects without any hesitation.


Phycocyanin has been acknowledged and recommended by oncologists and other medical experts. Thus far, many cancer specialists and other health-care providers have come up to recommend the wondrous Phycocyanin for cancer combating as well as for general rejuvenation.

Phycocyanin can help regulate a variety of important enzymes needed for the synthesis of human metabolism, inhibition of cancer cell growth and promote human cell regeneration, ovarian maintenance, and promote the synthesis of elastin in the human body has an important role in regulating the body while phycocyanin the immune system, enhance immune system function, improve the body's resistance to disease. Therefore, food experts phycocyanin was vividly as "food diamonds." It has a good effect in the following areas.

1.Natural food coloring: a water-soluble pigment phycocyanin, non-toxic, blue, clear and lovely, can be used as food coloring agents, cosmetic additives.


2.Medicine and health food: phycocyanin vitro colony stimulate red blood cell production, erythropoietin (EPO) in a similar role.


3.Phycocyanin with cancer, promote blood cell regeneration, conservation of the ovaries, to promote the synthesis of elastin in the human body and other effects.



Our Package:

1.Aluminum foil bag: Little quantity of extracttion powder packeage in a plastic bsg and with aluminum foil bag outside.Regular 1kg-10kg per bag.

2.Cardboard drum: Bulk weight packed in double plastic bag with a cardboard drum outside.Regular 25kg-28kg per drum.


1.Free sample(10-20g or enough to detection) and unconditional assume response

2.100% natural product, without any synthesize ingredient

3.Manufacturer direct supply, provide OEM, R&D service

4.Competitive price

5.Fast delivery.

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