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Xi’an Day Natural Inc. are stronger in R&D with a powerful from Tsing Hua University and with excellent related personal.Each one of our doctors are expert in their area such as active ingredient extraction,material synthesis,structure transformation etc.We could provide a better solution to help you solve the technical problems.


Quality Assurance(QA):

To ensure that the products meet quality standard requirements in each of the production process; 

To ensure that the indicators of production equipment and solvents etc. comply with the relevant standards; 

Quality Control (QC): ensure that the entire production process meet the c-GMP as well as other relevant standard;

Quality is our first priority. From raw materials to the production process intermediate,the solvent used as well we excipients to the final product ,our company strictly control the quality in accordance with c-GMP requirements.Day Natural Inc guarantee that the quality meet the relevant requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia,the European Pharmacopoeia and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.